Working On My New Balance Collection



I love shoes. I love really comfortable shoes, and New Balance is one of those kind of shoes i just dint trust and thought it would be bad quality. Well i guess a guy that used to only buy himself Nike and Reebok for years would be thinking that, but after i bought myself an ML574RAI it all changed. The ML574RAI is a special edition New Balance model of the ML574 and its from the Rainbow pack. This pack came out in 2012 at retail price of $99.95, but i managed to copped it for the sweet price of 69.99 with free shipping over at That was my first New Balance Sneaker, and it was not just dope on feet, but also great on comfort.

Now i have a new addition to go with my pair of ML574 and im sorry to say it ain’t the other sneaker from the Rainbow pack. Its actually from the very limited Moon Pack. I will be putting up a video later of the shoes and i will be giving them a review and showing of all its features and materials (Like the glow in the dark feature).  This moon pack im sure to complete but for now i will star my collection on these trio of classic runners with the ML574 Black color of the three.

If you are interested on buying a pair of the New Balance Moon Pack you can do so from you can also see the Rainbow pack there but i would recommend you to buy them on if you are going for those Rainbow colors because they are way more cheaper. Both websites have a fantastic fast shipping service! 

Now to conclude with my New Balance collection. My goal is to have both the Rainbow pack and the Moon pack and also have some more limited and special edition sneakers from the New Balance repertoire, that is just awesome and unique. I can not say it enough… This shoes ain’t bad at all. If you haven’t try a New Balance maybe now is the time to do so with the low the prices are on them. I will be putting up videos on my collection once i have a pretty big collection on that subject. Until now this has been my blog! thanks for reading!!

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