The only LeBron 11 i will probably cop.

OK let me start of with these; I am no fan of LeBron. I don’t like him, but i don’t hate him either. I know he is a good player and is part of a very good team that is the Miami Heat. Now on to his shoes…

The Lebrons 7, 8, 9, and 10 are my favorite LeBrons out there. They are very nice shoes and comfortable, not to mention unique looking. The 11 is not on my list of favorite lebrons. The shoe is weird looking, hyped, horrible designed, i just don’t like it. I din’t like it until a saw those 11 on Orange! Man orange kills me!

Nike release info about these new colorway that is coming out for the LeBron 11 calling it ‘Forging Iron’ and releasing the following statement about the shoe:

The fiery shades of orange represent the iron when the metal is at its most malleable—fresh from the furnace. A subtle fade effect represents sparks, while a metallic green hit on the Swoosh represents the transitional, temporary part of the process—cooling to a new shade and finished with an ice outsole.

There are no short cuts to forging iron. It’s a craft, a skilled process that requires a precise application of force and fire to achieve strength. It’s about accuracy under pressure when the temperature is at its peak and is the perfect metaphor for LeBron.

The shoe is set to go to stores on November, but a real date hasn’t been given yet. Are you gonna cop? here are some more detailed pics so you can tell for yourself!








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