The Apple iPad Air Now Available At Best Buy!


The all new, super lightweight and durable Apple iPad Air has just been released. This new iPad weights just one pound and is 20% thinner than the other iPads in the past. This new iPad also has an aluminium unibody that makes a very durable piece of handle machine.

“Photos and videos look incredibly detailed and text is razor sharp on the stunning Retina display. It features over 3.1 million pixels—a million more than an HDTV.” – BestBuy Website

Saw that quote ? Yes its that awesome. Also it has the incredible A7 chip. This chip allows the iPad to play great and strong video games while still holding up to 10 hours of battery life. It also has a faster wi-Fi module, so you can connect, use the internet faster than ever before. It also has some unique and very helpful apps right from the start. So go check it out now ! at Best Buy!


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