@SupraFootwear Esteban High ‘Charcoal’

Check out Stevie Williams latest sneaker. This beautiful sneaker isn’t just for skating, it also has great fashion sense. With a nice fortified padded upper and a dual lacing system to help keep your shoes with you will skating.

With a perfect grey upper and a nice translucent neon on the sole, this is one sick shoe! Be sure to cop from any known supra retailers!

SUPRA-HIGH-ESTEBAN-CHARCOAL-1_74e4fcb7-b15c-44b3-930d-c72db7c34d2a_grande SUPRA-HIGH-ESTEBAN-CHARCOAL-2_b429d439-2358-4cee-8dc0-5b430a7c07ba_grande SUPRA-HIGH-ESTEBAN-CHARCOAL-3_880dc994-8106-4310-b38c-8d8a2203238a_grande SUPRA-HIGH-ESTEBAN-charcoal-4_ec25f6b6-7ad2-4520-9ca0-6066dc71ff4a_grande

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